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30 June 2012: Added an Indio's gang page, can be found at actors, special.

1 May: Last Of The Badmen review added. Pamela Tudor added to actresses.

4 March 2012: In A Colt's Shadow review added.

24 January 2012: El Puro review added. Robert Woods added to actor list.

10 January 2012: I'm back! Added a page to Facebook. Omero Capanna added to actors, added some additional info about the Mauser C96 on 'Guns' page.

7 January 2010: Added a list of my Spaghetti Western collection. It's a long list and I hope I didn't make too many misstakes. You can find the list here or from the link at reviews.

29 August 2009: 'The Boldest Job In The West' review added. Did a rare VHS one for changes.

26 August 2009: Added a link to the re-invention project of 'Comin At Ya!'.

22 August 2009: 'W Django!' review added. Stelio Candelli, Furio Meniconi and Glauco Onorato added to actors. Latest poll results added.

16 August 2009: 'The Silent Stranger' review added.

26 July 2009: A few DVD covers added.

6 June 2009: 'Arriva Sabata!' review added. Changed the reviews section layout. Titles are now listed in alphabetic order without thumbnail by default. Poll removed.

5 June 2009: Added a "featured in" clip on YouTube. (Cold Sweat - Cemetery Without Crosses)

28 May 2009: Tony Marzano's fan artwork added. Some behind the scenes pictures added.

5 May 2009: Polls closed, results + new poll about next movie to add, can be found here.

6 April 2009: 'Night Of Serpent' review added (80%). Luke Askew & Sergio Ciani added to actors. Chelo Alonso added to actresses.

1 April 2009: I've been thinking of some changes and will put up some polls to ask you people what your opinion would be in this matter. You can participate here.

23 February 2009: 'Fasthand Is Still My Name' review added (53%).

14 December 2008: 'Arizona Colt Returns' review added (73%). Rosalba Neri added to actresses.

5 December 2008: Mimmo Poli added to actors.

5 November 2008: After some downtime finally an update: 'Sartana Kills Them All' review (73%). Guglielmo Spoletini & Carlos Romero Marchent added to actors. Spoletini's SW filmography added.

23 August 2008: 'Cjamango' review added (70%). Hélène Chanel added to actresses.

10 August 2008: 'Garringo' review added (90%)

2 August 2008: 'Shoot, Gringo... Shoot!' review added (90%)

28 July 2008: Leo Anchóriz, Giovanni Cianfriglia, Chuck Connors, Alberto Dell'Acqua and Ivan Scratuglia added to actors. Filmographies for Connors and Anchóriz.

27 July 2008: 'Kill Them All And Come Back Alone' review added (93%).

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