$10.000 Blood Money

10.000 Dollari Per Un Massacro



Django - Gianni Garko


Manuel Vasquez - Claudio Camaso


Directed by - Romolo Guerrieri


Kills: 23

Django -

Manuel -

other -


Reviewed version - Franco Cleef DVD-R

Django, a bounty hunter, is waiting for Mauels reward to get higher. Django sees potential money in Manuel. They have a special relationship and Django even helps Manuel to get his reward higher. Django is being offered a big bounty for killing Manuel and retrieveing a daughter Manuel has kidnapped. $10.000 is however the limit for Django to make his kill.

Not much of a plot to make a full lenght movie and they do mix in some gold and personal revenge towards the end. Standard bounty hunting Spaghetti Western that delivers what a Spaghetti Westerns should.

A more proper genre for this one could be Mascaroni Western, since the make up artist was pretty heavy with the mascara. Specially the Mexicans and Claudio but Gianni has some too.

Very similar to 'Vengeance is Mine', these two movies are brothers, twins even.


Some dialogue:

Manuel (to Django): "-Your business is bounty killer. -You kill people for money, like me. -That's crazy, the two of us, we're like merchants, dealing in blood."




8 October 2005