32 Caliber Killer

Killer Calibro 32



Silver - Peter Lee Lawrence


Doll - Sherill Morgan


Sheriff - Mirko Ellis


Spot - Alberto Dell'Acqua (as Kole Kitosch)


Also Starring: Agnes Spaak, Lucy Slade, Nello Pazzafini, Massimo Righi, Andrea Bosic


Directed by - Alfonso Brescia



Reviewed version - Jerksi DVD-R

Silver is a professional killer, using a silver Colt and silver bullets. Cashing in $1.000 per kill, only killing criminals and in self defence (like Silence). A robbery is committed in the town he enters and is hired to find the robbers since he is not limited by the law like the sheriff.

A kind of a detective story but not that interesting. I didn't much care for who the robbers was or their leader, I expected more action. I've always felt that Peter Lee Lawrence had a too young look for the Spaghetti Westerns. He's fine as 'Billy the Kid' but not that much as the regular anti-hero. He's ok in this one, though being a bit obnoxious. It also got Cole Kitosch, another one of those irritating baby-faces.

Good enough music score by Robby Poitevin, but again at one point they use music from 'Bullets Don't Argue', just like in my last review 'I'll Sell My Skin Dearly'.

To my disappointment they went for the 'dark barn shotout' in the end and not the 'epic duel' even if it was all set up for it.

I liked it more the first time I watched it, now when I rewatched it for the review I didn't find it as entertaining. It's not because I knew the outcome and who the leader of the robbers was, I had already forgotten it.


Kills: 16 Silver -
  other -


Silver: "-I wanted to kill you with this silver bullet, but you settled for lead."

Silver: "-Alive you were'nt worth a dime, but dead you're worth $2.000."













9 June 2008