Four Of The Apocalypse

I Quattro Dell'Apocalisse


Stubby Preston - Fabio Testi


Chaco - Tomas Milian


Bunny - Lynne Frederick


Clem - Michael J. Pollard


Bud - Harry Blair


Directed by - Lucio Fulci


Kills: 13

Preston - 3

Chaco - 3 (+ about 20 offscreen)

other - 7 (+ a town offscreen)


Reviewed version - Anchor Bay DVD

Stubby Preston, professional gambler, gets thrown in jail with four others, a whore, a drunk and a man who "sees dead people". They survive a massacre on the town and rides into the desert on a wagon. Later they run into Chaco who first acts friendly but later turns into their worst nightmare. Surviving is the main theme.

I had high expectations for this movie, with all the talk about how violent it is. Only the scene where Chaco cuts some skin from the guys stomach was, what I had expected. The rape scene might have been shocking in 1975, but on todays standards it seems almost laughable. Lots of blood when people gets shot.

I almost fell asleep during the movie when Chaco wasn't around. When he enters it spices up the movie some, but he can't save it from dissapointment. It doesn't have the "Spaghetti feeling" in it. Might be because the Preston character isn't the usual Spaghetti anti-hero. He becomes that at the very end of the movie, but then it is too late. Looks like he is holding a gun for the first time, with his double hand grip.

I was surpised when I saw some snow scenes. That wasn't really expected to jump from desert to snow like that and it woke me up some. Also a preist who wears a gun is always appreciated in Spaghetti Westerns. (Even if he doesn't use it). The music sucks big time, only "Chacos theme" is bearable. As a Spaghetti Western this movie fails totally.


Some dialogue:

Chaco: "-Chaco is the name my friend, and I would be very happy to join your group." Stubby: "-Nobody invited you" Chaco: "-But I did. Im a damn good hunter you know. Wherever you go you'll have a piece of meat every day."

Music clip: Let's Stay Together.mp3