Ace High

I Quattro Dell'Ave Maria



Cacopoulus - Eli Wallach


Cat Stevens - Terence Hill


Hutch Bessy - Bud Spencer


Directed by - Giuseppe Colizzi


Kills: 52

Cacopoulus -

Cat Stevens - (Surely he kills more with that machine gun but I didn't see anyone fall)

Hutch Bessy -

other -


Reviewed version - Paramount DVD

The movie takes off where 'God Forgives... I Don't' ends. Cat and Hutch enters a town in search for the bounty on Bill San Antonio's head. They convince his partner to pay them some extra. San Antonio's partner then hires Cacopolous, who is in prison about to get hanged, to get the money back. Cacopoulus has no interest to help him but getting out of prison does, as do the money. He manages to rob it from Cat and Hutch and heads out to get even with the men that double-crossed him, with Cat and Hutch on his tail. When Cacopoulus manages to spend all the money they team up to get it back from the men that double-crossed Cacopoulus.

This is a great movie: Wallach, Hill and Spencer in the same Spaghetti Western! Hill and Spencer really have to struggle not to let Wallach steal the show totally and they do manage to keep their place. Wallach does a Tuco type perfomance and is truely great. I don't know why they had to add a fourth man to the bunch. Brock Peters's Thomas has no chance in this company, good that he does not get that much screentime. There is a lack of a main bad guy, only three small ones. Nevertheless with the Wallach-Hill-Spencer trio there is no need for one.

There is little to none comedy from the Hill - Spencer part. Wallach actually stands for most of the comedy. Sadly Hutch and Cat seem to prefer to fight with their fists or shoot hats off people instead of killing. Bud seem to have to keep his hammer fist in shape and it's in use here also.

Geat, great movie with very minor flaws.


Some dialogue:

Cat: "-How does it feel to be rich?" Hutch: "-I don't know, I'm not used to it yet."

Hutch: "-Even if you're an idiot I don't see why you want to die so young."

Music clip: Ace High.mp3




21 June 2006