Acquasanta Joe


Acquasanta Joe - Lincoln Tate


Colonel Donovan - Ty Hardin


Charlie Bennet - Richard Harrison


Directed by - Mario Gariazzo


Kills: 22

Acquasanta -

Donovan -

other -


Reviewed version - C'Est La Vie DVD

One word, crap. First time I watched it I couldn't sit it through. When I returned to it some days after, my finger was on the fast forward trigger all the time. I rewatched it now doing the review and the fast forward was again in alot of use.

Acquasanta Joe is a bounty hunter. There's this gang of ex-soldiers robbing banks with a cannon. Couldn't care less about the plot, it can't save the movie.

The music is the worst I ever heard in a Spaghetti Western. Gives no atmosphere att all, trying to be some kind of comedy, as the movie at some points. Only one music part towards the end is good and that is the only good thing about this movie.


Some dialogue:

Charlie: "-What's Donovan paying for my skin?." Acquasanta: "- $10.000, lot of money for a son of a bitch."