Eduardo Fajardo

(Eduardo Martinez Fajardo)

Born Aug. 24 1918, Mosteiro, Spain

a.k.a. Edward Hamilton, Robert Warner


Spaghetti Western filmography:

Jaider's Gang (1975)

Three Musketeers of the West (1973)

Tequila (1973)

What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution (1973)

Sonny and Jed (1972)

Dead Men Ride (1972)

Te Deum (1972)

Bad Man's River (1971)

Long Live Your Death (1971)

Il Lungo Giorno Della Violenza (1971)

Apocalypse Joe (1971)

Kill Django... Kill First (1971)

Compa˝eros (1970)

Arriva Sabata! (1970)

Shango (1970)

O'Cangašeiro (1970)

Death Knows No Time (1969)

Gentleman Killer (1969)

Pistol for a Hundred Coffins (1968)

One by One (1968)

Seven Pistols for a Massacre (1968)

One for All (1968)

A Stranger In Paso Bravo (1968)

The Mercenary (1968)

Winchester One of One Thousand (1968)

Ringo, Face of Revenge (1967)

Ringo's Big Night (1967)

Last Of The Badmen (1967)

Django (1966)

A Coffin For The Sheriff (1965)

Heroes of Fort Worth (1965)



The Mercenary:

Sonny and Jed:

Ringo, Face of Revenge:

Dead Men Ride:

Apocalypse Joe:

Arriva Sabata!:

Last Of The Badmen: