Jose Canalejas

(Jose Alvarez Canalejas)

Born Feb. 14 1925, Madrid, Spain - ?

a.k.a. Joe Camel(l), Joseph Cana, Pedro Canalejas


Spaghetti Western filmography:

White Apache (1986)

Blood River (1977)

If You Shoot... You Live! (1975)

Man Called Noon (1973)

What Am I Doing in the Middle of the Revolution? (1973)

Sonny and Jed (1972)

Raise Your Hands, Dead Man, You're Under Arrest (1971)

Reverend's Colt (1971)

Quinto: Fighting Proud (1970)

Arriva Sabata! (1970)

Price of Power (1969)

Cemetery Without Crosses (1969)

I Want Him Dead (1968)

[White Comanche (1968)]

Secret of Captain O'Hara (1968)

Train For Durango (1968)

God Forgives... I Don't! (1968)

A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die (1968)

The Mercenary (1968)

One After Another (1968)

Hellbenders (1967)

Man and a Colt (1967)

Taste of Killing (1966)

Django (1966)

Ringo from Nebraska (1966)

Per Un Dollaro Di Gloria (1966)

The Bounty Killer (1966)

Sugar Colt (1966)

Man of the Cursed Valley (1965)

For a Few Dollars More (1965)

Son of Jesse James (1965)

Minnesota Clay (1965)

Tomb of the Pistolero (1964)

Bullets Don't Argue (1964)

Ride and Kill (1964)

Fistful of Dollars (1964)

Billy the Kid (1964)


For a Few Dollars More:

Taste of Killing:

The Bounty Killer:

Price Of Power:

The Mecenary:

Cemetery Without Crosses:

A Minute To Pray, A Second To Die:

One After Another:

I Want Him Dead:

Sugar Colt:

Arriva Sabata!:

Sonny And Jed: