Raf Baldassarre

(Raffaele Baldassarre)

Born 1932, Rome, Italy - Died Jan. 17 1995, Italy

a.k.a. Raf Baldwin, Ralph Baldassarre, Ralph Baldwin, Ralph Baldwyn, Raf Falcone


Spaghetti Western filmography:

Get Mean (1976)

Prey of Vultures (1973)

Too Much Gold for One Gringo (1972)

And the Crows Will Dig Your Grave (1972)

Blindman (1971)

Day of Judgment (1971)

Four Gunmen of the Holy Trinity (1971)

Dig Your Grave Friend... Sabata's Coming (1971)

Sartana Kills Them All (1971)

Hey Amigo! A Toast to Your Death (1971)

Quinto: Fighting Proud (1970)

Arizona Colt Returns (1970)

Garringo (1969)

The Great Silence (1969)

Between God, the Devil and a Winchester (1968)

Pistol for a Hundred Coffins (1968)

One for All (1968)

The Mercenary (1968)

Cry for Revenge (1968)

The Silent Stranger (1968)

A Name That Cried Revenge (1968)

Rojo (1967)

The Stranger Returns (1967)

A Stranger in Town (1967)

Man and a Colt (1967)

Three from Colorado (1966)

Son of Jesse James (1965)

Seven Hours of Gunfire (1965)

Hands of Gunman (1965)

Outlaw of Red River (1965)

The Relentless Four (1965)

Hour of Death (1964)

The Sign of the Coyote (1964)

Sons of Vengeance (1963)

Magnificent Three (1963)


Arizona Colt Returns:


The Mercenary:


The Great Silence:

Get Mean:

Sartana Kills Them All: