Any Gun Can Play

Vado... L'ammazzo E Torno



The Stranger - George Hilton


Monetero - Gilbert Roland


Clayton - Edd Byrnes


Directed by - Enzo G. Castellari


Kills: 35

The Stranger -

Monetero -

Clayton -

other -


Reviewed version - VCI Entertainment DVD

Monetero and his gang robs a train for $300.000 in gold. One of Moneteros men deceive him and hides the gold. He gets killed and the only thing leading to the gold is a medallion. Similiar setup as in The Good, The Bad and The Ugly with three men after the gold. We have George Hilton as the bounty hunter, Gilbert Roland as the bandit and Edd Byrnes as the bank employee. The medallion is cut in half and both parts are needed to find the gold. There are alot of partner changes and double crosses as the three men pursue the gold.

George Hilton is very cool as the bounty hunter. Roland and Byrnes didn't appeal to me that much and made the movie feel abit more like an American western. The intro with the Lee van Cleef, Clint Eastwood and Franco Nero (Django) look-alikes is the best part of the movie. The music by Francesco De Masi is good but I didn't like the circus comedy music played during the fistfights. Pretty much a standard above average Spaghetti Western.

Kills: 35 The Stranger -
  Monetero -
  Clayton -
  other -


Captain: "-May I ask who you are?" The Stranger: "-They call me The Stranger."

Music clip: Stranger.mp3




14 Feb. 2005