Apocalypse Joe

a.k.a. A Man Called Joe Clifford

Un Uomo Chiamato Apocalisse Joe



Joe - Anthony Steffen


Berg - Eduadro Fajardo


Also Starring: Mary Paz Pondal, Fernando Cerulli, Veronica Korosec, Giulio Baraghini, Fernando Bilboa, Flora Carosello, Virginia Garcia


Directed by - Leopoldo Savona


Kills: 66

Joe - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† † (51)

Berg - †††

other - ††††† ††††† ††


Reviewed version - X-Rated Kult

Joe inherits a gold mine from his uncle. When he arrives he finds out that Mr. Berg has taken over the mine and suspect Berg is also behind the death of his uncle.

Story-wise slim and goes through the clichιs of the genre. Feels like the story is just a substitute made up to showcase gunbattle. There's a gundown here and there and an extended gunbattle at the end, where Joe is showcasing an array of different methods to kill. Some tricks are hilarious. Like the one Joe is on the roof, he drops some heavy firewood down which sends and badguy flying up in the air to Joe, where he puts a bullet in him. Simple things like setting a pile of hay to fire they need three men and have to use gunpowder, a rope and a barrel of oil. Why didn't you just throw the oil lamp, Joe? The end gunbattle much feel like a bunch of kids playing cowboys.

Would have been much better if they had used a Sartana or Sabata type main character. Steffen's travelling Shakespear actor I see as a minus and since Steffens acting is limited it's not even funny.

Music by Bruno Nicolai is great, almost too great for the movie.

End verdict is mediocre. If you happen to like Steffen it's a must, otherwise, like me, you might only find the gundowns of interest.


Some dialogue:

Joe: "-Suppose I start shooting again? -Releasing me is a risk you should not take."

Doc: "-What do you think our chances are? Joe: "-Haven't really thought about it yet. -Now that you mentioned it, kinda thin."

Music clip: Track 1.mp3




18 March 2007