Arizona Colt

Il Pistolero Di Arizona

a.k.a. Man From Nowhere



Arizona Colt - Giuliano Gemma


Gordo - Fernando Sancho



Whiskey - Roberto Camardiel                    Kay - Nello Pazzafini


Directed by - Michele Lupo


Kills: 108

Arizona Colt -

other - (88)

Reviewed version - Wild East DVD

The bandit Gordo Watch and his gang frees some prisoners to hire more men for himself. Join him or die. Arizona is one of the prisoners but have other things on his mind and starts to play a game of his own with the bandit gang.

Giuliano Gemma never was my kind of Spaghetti Western hero. Pretty much the same kind of smart ass clean shaved hero as he did in 'A Pistol For Ringo'. With Fernando Sancho as the main bad guy this movie get even closer to Ringo. It wouldn't suprise me if this was marketed as a Ringo movie in Germany. I have recently begun to not like Sancho's bad guy characters, he's always the same.

The music by Francesco De Masi is also similar to the Ringo soundtrack. I did not like the main theme song.

Guiliano Gemma had an ability to pick the good Spaghettis to star in. So if you are a Gemma fan you will not be disappointed. I however am not, but I can't say it's a bad movie. It's a good Spaghetti Western with a high kill count, but lacks the unshaved anti-hero elemets that I enjoy in a Spaghetti Western.


Some dialogue:

Gordo: "-There are times when I get a big feeling to cut my own throat. To get the reward."

Gordo: "-This gun shoots by itself, when I see a sheriff star."

Gordo: "-So they wont tell you, eh? -Bring them to me, I'll open their throats."




15 January 2006