Arizona Colt Returns

Arizona Si Scatenς... E Li Fece Fuori Tutti



Arizona Colt - Anthony Steffen


Keene - Aldo Sambrell


Double Whiskey - Roberto Camardiel



Also Starring: Rosalba Neri, Marcella Michelangeli, Raf Baldassarre, Jose Manuel Martin, Emilio Delle Piane, Gildo Di Marco, Luis Barboo

Directed by - Sergio Martino


Reviewed version - Koch Media DVD

Arizona is wrongfully accused of a stagecoach robbery and murders and must clear his name.

In the beginning a bit of a a mess since there is hardly any introduction of the characters. You aren't sure who is who and what their connections to each other are. Some more comedic, funny moments also in the beginning, gets more serious toward the end. Arizona often seems to have to kill the bad guys in some special way. He can't just shoot them in the back when he has a chance, he has to go to the second floor and jump down from the window and pop them in their backs. These "gimmick" kills can be seen through the film.

Steffen is good enough in his role. A bit reluctant to the Spaghetti Western anti-heroism and more "In the mood to make some kids" then interest in money. Atleast revenge gets him finally going. Roberto Camardiel is the comedy drunk sidekick. Aldo Sambrell is good as the bad guy leader, many famliliar SW faces can be seen.

The main theme music is pretty stupid, otherwise good tunes by Bruno Nicolai. Locationwise we get the standard non Almeria locations.

Decent SW, fun/serious mix with some minor flaws. No connection to Giuliano Gemma's Arizona Colt character. Only connection to the other movie seems to be Roberto Camardiel whose character is similiar and named the same. Rosalba Neri and Jose Manuel Martin was also in both but as different characters.



Kills: 58 Arizona Colt - ††††† †††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †††† (34)
  other - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †††† (24)


Arizona: "-Don't promise them gold, Keene. -Promise them death!"













14 December 2008