Arriva Sabata!

aka Sabata The Killer, Dollars To Die For



Sabata / John - Anthony Steffen


Peter - Peter Lee Lawrence


Mangosta - Eduardo Fajardo


Also Starring: Alfredo Mayo, Rossana Rovere, Maria Villa, Alfonso Rojas, Jose Canalejas, Alvaro De Luna, Tito Garcia, Cris Huerta

Directed by - Tulio Demicheli


Reviewed version - X-Rated

Sabata and Mangosta makes a robbery and Peter gets involved with the loot. They team up and gets the banker Mr. Garfield and his men after them, while trying to keep the money and not double cross each other.

Steffen, Lawrence and Fajardo in a buddy western with some comedy. Steffen is at his usual, though less serious, but I found both Lawrence and Fajardo annoying in their roles. Why put some stupid make-up on Fajardo to make him look like a Mexican? There seems to be plenty of other Spanish actors in the movie who would have done the Mangosta role less annoying. Lawrence then again is this smart-ass youngster. Alfredo Mayo portraying the bad guy is left out of the trios way, he does look alot like Keenan Wynn by the way.

Decent directing by Tulio Demicheli. He should have stuck to either comedy or action since this one ends up a mismatch. Atleast towards the end the comedy elements are pretty much gone and we get a nice action ending.

Music by Marcello Giombini is also stupid and annoying for most part but there are some nice scores also which they should have used more. Familiar locations and a bunch of familiar faces, I was able to spot Simon Arriaga and Nazzareno Natale among others.


Kills: 73 Sabata -
  Mangosta -
  Peter -
  other -













6 June 2009