Richard Martin - Enrico Maria Salerno


Ricky Shot - Terry Jenkins


Billy Kane - Venantino Venantini


Also Starring: Chris Huerta, Maria Martin, Marco Guglielmi


Directed by - Massimo Dallamano


Kills: ~ 59

Martin -

Ricky -

Billy -

other ~


Reviewed version - SPO Japan

Sharpshooter Richard Martin travels on a train being robbed by a gang of bandits. Everybody but Martin is killed, he gets his hands crippled by his former student who is among the bandits. Martin sets up a trick shooter show with a new student, Ricky Shot. Ricky also seems to have an history with the train robbery. Martin trains Ricky to be good enough to face Billy Kane and get their revenge.

Massimo Dallamano's first and only Spaghetti Western direction. He had worked with Sergio Leone as cinematographer on 'Fistful of Dollars' and 'For A Few Dollars More'. He must have learned something from the master since he produces a fairly good one. There is a scene where the camera pans sideways showing the train and the dead people, something Leone picked up for 'Once Upon A Time In The West'? Also other nice small camera movements, following a bottle gliding on the bar-table, seeing the mirror image in a window of a man being shot while the shooter is beside the window, etc.

The biggest flaw, or flaws, are Jenkins and Venantini. They lack the charisma needed for parts like that and remains pretty unnoticed. Salerno on the other hand makes a great perfomance.

Not to be missed.

p.s. Try to get the SPO disc, it features a hilarious interview with Venantino Venantini.


Some dialogue:

Martin: "-The minute you say you're a gunfighter, there's always someone who has to prove that he is faster than you are."




19 May 2007