Django the Bastard

Django Il Bastardo


Django - Anthony Steffen


Directed by - Sergio Garrone


Kills: 66

Django -

other -


Reviewed version - English widescreen

Having the reputation of beeing the inspiration to Clint Eastwoods "High Plains Drifter" the movie has a lot to live up to. But it fails. It is often written that this movie is one of the top 10 Spaghetti Westerns. I disagree. It has no "atmosphere" at all, the town doesn't look like a "Spaghetti" town at all and it has this low budjet feeling all through. The Django title has nothing to do with the original Django movie.

One word, revenge. A group of officers sold their regiment to the enemy in the Civil War. Django was among the betrayed ones, he was the only one to survive. He comes back for revenge as a half ghost - half man. One moment his there, the other his gone, moving in the shadows.

One character deserve a special mention, Luciano Rossi. The madman he plays is one of the most twisted, crazy badguys I have ever seen. Anthony Steffen is stiffer than ever and tries to bee cool but fails.


Some dialogue:

"-Wait a minute stranger, please, tell me who are you anyway?" Django: "-The Devil, from hell. Your luck if you won't ever see me again"