Ben And Charlie

Amico, Stammi Lontano Almeno Un Palmo



Ben - Giuliano Gemma


Charlie - George Eastman


Also Starring: Vittorio Congia, Luciano Lorcas, Giancomo Rossi Stuart, Remo Capitani, Nello Pazzafini, Marisa Mell


Directed by - Michele Lupo



Reviewed version - Wild East DVD

Ben is released from prison, Charlie is his ex-partner and a bit upset with him because he lost the money from their last job. They are some small time crooks, card and dice hustlers. Faith puts them into bigger trouble when Ben robs a bank and they become outlaws, hunted by the law and Pinkerton agency.

A buddy, comedy western in the style of Trinity. Gemma beeing the careless Trinity type character and Eastman the angry Bambino type. If you would swap Gemma with Hill and Eastman with Spencer you would get a third Trinity movie. Comedy is also in the same style but gets more serious toward the end.

Lots of recognizeable locations. Some scenes lend from other Spaghetti Westerns and you get a kind of a deja vu at these scenes, like when Ben is at the gunshop.

Some nice camerangles, great locations, not that big on gunfights but nevertheless entertaining. If you like Trinity movies and Gemma this is one for you.


Kills: 5 Ben -
  Charlie -
  other -


Sarah: (about Ben) "-You may not bite, but you've been bitten and by something pretty foul I'd say."













15 June 2008