Beyond The Law

Al Di Là Della Legge


Cudlip - Lee van Cleef


Novack - Antonio Sabato



Preacher - Lionel Stander       Burton - Gordon Mitchell


Directed by - Giorgio Stegani


Kills: 56

Cudlip - ††††† ††††† †

Novack - ††††† ††

other - ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †††



Reviewed version - Direct Source DVD (Fullscreen, bad vhs quality)

Cudlip, a common thief steals a money trasportation with his two buddies. The money is for the silver miners and Novack is responsible for the transportation. Cudlip sees some more money involved in the miners payments and stays around. He gets into trouble with a bandit gang who are after the silver and Culip is considered a hero and even becomes the sheriff of the town. Cudlips buddies are not too happy about their soften friend.

One of the Spaghettis that have a more American western feel in it. Lee van Cleefs character does not want to use guns in his robberies, not the usual Spaghetti Western anti-hero. The gunplay is next to nothing, only two gunfights, fairly big ones but that's everything we get. The music follows the American western feel, with some stupid tunes mixed in.

Not much to watch, only the actors. Lee van Cleef is far from his best. Lionel Stander does a good job and plays the most Spaghetti like character in this movie. Gordon Mitchell as the bandit leader is also pure Spaghetti bandit. We also have Bud Spencer, without his beard.


Some dialogue:

Cudlip: "-I've never seen nor heard so many bastards in all my life."

Cudlip: "-No shooting, no gunplay!"

Preacher: "-Death, is the freedom of the sinner and I'm sure the sheriff is a sinner."



28 Nov 2004