Black Killer


Burt - Victoriano Gazzara


James Webb - Klaus Kinski


Sarah - Marina Mulligan


Directed by - Carlo Croccolo


Kills: 37

James Webb -

Burt -

Sarah -

other -


Reviewed version - Franco Cleef DVD-R

Lawyer James Webb rides into town packed with books. The town and land has been taken over by the O'Hara brothers. If any sheriff dare to put a price on their head they kill him. Burt rides into town to meet his brother and is offered the sheriffs post. He accepts, to get a chance to reclaim his lands. The O'Haras move in on him and his brother is killed. Together with his brothers indian wife they begin to take revenge on the O'Haras. James Webbs intentions remains mysterious as he works in the background playing the town judge about the land ownerships.

Kinski is mainly in the background of the movie, looking out from a window and talking law articles with the judge. Occasionally he pulls out his books filled with guns to shoot someone. It is kind of cool and mysterious to have him shoot with the books but why the trouble? He can only shoot one shot with a book. Wouldn't it have been easier to just hold the gun in the hand? Well it's cool to disguise them I suppose. I didn't like the Burt character at all. He lacks coolness, looks dirty and probably smells bad too. He is also hiding in a dark room with one of the bad guys while the indian girl is doing all the killing. The O'Hara brothers looks kind of gay with their mascara and green and red costumes.

Klaus Kinski and his books are pretty much the only good thing and we don't get that much of it. Music is pretty good even of it's nothing special. What can I say? Barely mediocre.


Some dialogue:

Miguel O'Hara: "-Get that girl before she kills us all, you pigs!"

Music clip: Main Theme.mp3



9 March 2005