A Man Called Blade


Blade - Maurizio Merli


Voller - John Steiner


McGowan - Philippe Leroy


Craven - Donal O'Brien


Directed by - Sergio Martino


Kills: 69

Blade -

Voller -

other -


Reviewed version - Vipco's Cult Classic DVD

Blade, a bounty hunter, catches a bandit and brings him to the nearest town for the reward. The town is owned by McGowan and Blade gets into trouble with McGowans right hand Voller. Voller wants to take over the business from McGowan and Blade is cought up in the middle. Blade also has some unfinished business with McGowan regarding his past. Blade stands out from the usual Spaghetti Western characters since he also uses an axe as weapon.

One of the later Spaghetti Westerns made, like Keoma. Lots of similiarity between both movies. The music by De Angelis brothers, the locations, the flashbacks and in a way also the slow motions. I came to think of other Spaghetti Westerns also when I watched it. The Voller - McGowan relationship is similiar to the Frank - Morton relationship in Once Upon a Time in the West. Also Blades flashbacks reminded me of Harmonicas flashbacks. When Blade gets beated up and recovers in a cave it made me think of Fistful of Dollars. Anyway a great Spaghetti Western.


Some dialogue:

Blade: "-I wanna ask you about some place for us to bunk down for tonight." Vollers man: "-When you boys walk into a place and people see you dripping mud like a couple of pigs, you can't be expecting them to offer their beds. Friend, you picked the wrong town."

Music clips: Wolf.mp3