Il Cieco



Blindman - Tony Anthony



Directed by - Ferdinando Baldi


Kills: ~ 99 (counted from the english cut version)

Blindman -

other ~


Reviewed version - SPO DVD

The Blindman has a contract to deliver 50 women to some miners in Texas. He gets cheated and the women are sold by his partner to Mexico. Blindman sets course to Mexico to retrieve his women. The problem is that the bad guys don't take the Blindman too seriously. What threat could a blind man be?

Pretty special plot and it doesn't build up to some huge frames but nevertheless enjoyable in it's difference. Tony Anthony used a similiar plot in his later Comin' At Ya. The comedy is not totally forgotten either. I don't know if it was intentional comedy, or just for scenery purposes, but on his way to Mexico Blindman almost rides into the ocean and next askes for directions.

Great music score by Stelvio Cipriati.

Great stuff, something not to be missed.

The SPO DVD has two versions. A cut english and a longer italian. I watched the cut english because there are only japanese subtitles on the italian version. You are better off buying the Koch Media DVD.


Some dialogue:

Blindman: "-You know Skunk, every night I kneel down and I say my prayers. -And every night I ask the good Lord: -Lord, who are my friends? -And you know something Skunk? -Every night is the same thing. -He don't answer.

Candy: "-Who killed my men?" Blindman: "-I don't know, I didn't see a thing.

Blindman: "-I want my 50 women."

Music clip: Blindman.mp3





7 December 2005