The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

For A Few Dollars More


Fistful Of Dynamite



The Great Silence



Garringo: At the fight in the ruins, Steffens hat is knocked off but it is back on his head in the close up shots, then back on the ground again.

Gunfight At Red Sands: A jeep in the background

Ace High: A car in the background.

Some Dollars For Django: A barn is blown up but on the next scene it's intact. Check video here.

Keoma: The shots at Keoma in the big gunfight are clearly some "dustballs" thrown by someone from the side. The last "shot" can be seen the best. Check video here.

A Pistol For Ringo: A car can be seen in the background at the scene where the bandits are riding away after the bank robbery.

Once Upon A Time In The West: You can see young Frank at the end as he puts the harmonica in the mouth of young "Harmonica". Look carefully and you'll see the harmonica is returned.

Any Gun Can Play: After freeing Monetero from execution. Monetero makes The Stranger flinch and also empty his own gun. The gun was thrown down but in the next scene it's already in The Strangers holster.

A Fistful Of Dollars: Clint Eastwood lures onto the Mexicans, you can see he didn't have a shave in a few days. Next a Mexican knocks him over the head. In the next shot, as one of the Mexicans hoists Clint over his shoulder and carries him away, our hero's beard is less developed than in the previous shots.

A Fistful Of Dollars: When Chico shows Joe (Clint Eastwood) to his room, camera is outside the room. As Joe enters the room he has his saddle bags over his right shoulder. The point of view changes to show them enter from inside the room, Joe now carries his saddle bags in his right hand under his poncho.

A Reason To Live, A Reason To Die: Piggot (Benito Stefanelli) mans the machinegun and starts firing. In a scene between, he shoots some soldiers with his pistol from a different spot. We can hear the machinegun keep firing in the background. Moments later he is back behind the machinegun.

The Dirty Outlaws: In the beginning when Steve is about to get hanged, a bible is given to him. Looking at the cross on the bible, we can see him holding the bible upside-down. Next scene the bible is turned right and on the next returned back to the upside-down position. The rope also seems o dissappear when the bible is turned right.

Sugar Colt: On the machinegun nest we can see three men on the platform. In a scene between, one of the men has disappear and returned on the next.

Navajo Joe: At the very end when Joe's horse is supposed to be running alone you can see another horse with a rider, leading the supposedly lone hose.

In A Colt's Shadow: Same iron hoop drops from the wall twice. You can see it in the video clip on the review, time 12 & 14 sek.



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