For A Few Dollars More:

Col. Mortimer shoots the apples from the balcony.

Next the Mexicans are backing up, Mortimer has disappeared from the balcony. The shoulder covers some of the balcony but the Mexicans react as Monco is alone. Or where they supposed to see them both there since Monco should be out of bullets and of no danger to them? Still they react only when Monco turns toward them.

Mortimer is back on the balcony moments later. Never to have shown any hostility towards the Mexicans. Unless he scared them off when he rode into town and they already fear him.


Guy Callaway has added two zeroes to his wanted poster, Mortimer picks up the poster.

When Mortimer slides the poster under the door the zeroes has disappeared.


Monco's cigar is shot off.

3 seconds later he has a new one in his mouth and a new match in his hand. Pretty fast for Monco who usually pulls his cigar out really slow. Blackie would probably have thought that Monco draws his gun if he would have moved that fast and shot him.


Woman exit house and walks away.


Car drives by in background.


After killed 3 guys from the Indio's gang, Manco ride on a black horse and then he is entering to the town riding on a different horse with a different saddle. Later we can see him riding the first horse again.


When Manco walks up the main street in White Rocks, and stops at the entrance of the saloon to light his cigar, he is completely drenched from the rain. Camera changes position to inside the saloon and now not only is Manco quite dry, but in drying his costume, the leather hat band is replaced so that the buckle is over his right ear, instead of being on the left side as it is meant to be.


When Manco is hiding under the stairs in El Paso, waiting for the bank robbery. Manco has two shadows on the wall indicatin two light sources.


Thanks to everyone who spotted bloopers and sent them.