The Good, The Bad and The Ugly:

Car drives by in background.


Car? in background.


Someone is walking in the background.


The name on the wanted poster reads: 'Guy Calloway'. Same poster that was used in 'For A Few Dollars More'. (The bandit that Mortimer kills in the beginning). This time with Tuco's picture glued on it.


Blondie ties the rope to the roofbeam in a special way.

After the cannon has fired and Tuco fallen through the floor, Tuco looks up towards the rope which is now tied a different way.


When Angel Eyes is shot his hat falls off. On the second shot he gets he drops his gun.

Moments later the hat and the gun has moved when we see a closer view of the grave.


The soldier is smiling and having a good time until he notices the camera and immediately wipes the grin off his face. He is looking at the camera on the next scene also.


When Tuco is riding his horse, he encounters three bounty hunters - one fires a shot making the horse
misstep, and fall, bringing Tuco down to the ground. One of the bounty hunters ask Tuco, "Hey amigo,
you know that you have a face beautiful enough to be worth $2,000.00?" He has a big blade of grass
between his lips as he backs away from Blondie (Eastwood), however, there was no blade of grass
between his lips when Blondie and he were close to one another. As he backed away, he had a rifle
in his right hand and a wanted poster in his left, and he knew that Blondie had a gun pointed at
him through his overcoat, so he was not able to put a blade of grass between his lips at any point.


When Blondie abandons Tuco in the desert, watch the rope around Tuco's neck. It changes between
shots, sometimes over his left shoulder, and sometimes hanging down in front of him. It is not
due to the camera angle.


On the last scene when Blondie appears behind the trees to cut the
rope around Tuco`s neck. Take a look on the reins when Blondie is aiming, he is taking them in
a way and then in other way (before doing the shoot).


Similar to the figure in the background when Tuco is
standing on the grave post with the noose around his neck. A figure in the background
can also be seen next to Angel Eye's (Lee Van Cleef).

In the scene where Blondie places the stone (supposedly, which the name of the grave
written on it) on the ground, the very next scene is a close up of Angel Eyes's face.
The scene only lasts about one second, but if you look in the far background, to viewers
right (Angel Eyes left), you can see a figure almost running from right to left in the
far background. It appears to be a horse or cow, or something larger than a person.


In the scene where Tuco holds a gun to the head of the hotel owner whilst asking for
Blondie's whereabouts, he uses a Colt Navy. After Blondie shoots Tuco's men in the
hotel room, Tuco appears at the window holding a Colt Army.


Thanks to everyone who spotted bloopers and sent them.