The Boldest Job In The West

El Más Fabuloso Golpe Del Far-West



Michigan - Mark Edwards

Poldo - Charly Bravo

Jeremiah - Piero Lulli

Reyes - Fernando Sancho


Budd - Yvan Verella

Jess - Frank Braña

Little Steve - Fernando Bilbao


Also Starring: Carmen Sevilla, Barbara Carrol, Patty Shepard, Jaime Picas, Poldo Bendani, Oswaldo Genazani, Mercedes Linter, J. Lintermans, Juanito Santiago

Directed by - José Antonio De La Loma


Reviewed version - Finnish VHS

Seven men are going to steal the safe from the bank in Sun Valley. "It's easy to steal, the trouble is in keeping the loot", quoting our friend El Indio in For A Few Dollars More.

Another snow Spaghetti, but there's mud too, a lot, more than in the streets of Django I would say. There's something about these snow westerns I like, but can't really pinpoint.

Half of the movie is given to the bankjob itself and the other half to the double crossings. First half mud, second snow. The double crossing plot work well because the seven men seems equal and no one really stands out to be too much above the rest. Hence you can't really tell how it's going to end. Some guy you could think would survive to the end can suddenly be killed off. It helps also that there are no SW hero stars in the cast. A couple of familiar faces who usually played the bad guys and some less know names in the genre. There are some loopholes though. The job could have been done with 3-4 guys, but since the plot called for more, they were put in. Other short cuts are also taken to keep the story interesting. There is also a girl-trouble plot involved which is totally irrelevant for the movie.

Not much gunplay but it doesn't matter in a movie like this, plenty of dynamite though.

Stelvio Cipriani's score goes to the regular vocal songs about gold, check the YouTube video below for the intro titles and the music.

Quite gripping movie, I had to watch it in one run even if I have been struggling with that lately. It's that feeling that you have to see how it ends. This is a rare one so it would be nice to see it getting a proper widescreen DVD release one day. Might be that the lack of a big star keeps it from getting a release.


Kills: 8


Reyes: "-I hate to burn human flesh, but when they don't talk..."

Jeremiah: "-Damn it, it's starting to snow again."













29 August 2009