Boot Hill

La Collina Degli Stivali



Cat Stevens - Terence Hill


Thomas - Woody Strode


Hutch Bessy - Bud Spencer


Also Starring: Eduardo Cianelli, George Eastman, Glauco Onorto, Alberto Dell'Acqua, Nazzareno Zamperla, Victor Buono, Lionel Stander.


Directed by - Giuseppe Colizzi


Kills: 31

Cat -

Hutch -

Thomas -

other -


Reviewed version - 89 mins.

The third movie in the Colizzi-Hill-Spencer trilogy. Followed by 'Ace High' and 'God Forgives... I Don't'. Cat Stevens is wounded and hides with a circus. It gets personal for Thomas, a circus artist, when a fellow circus artist is killed and togheter with Cat they begin a plan to get even. They get help from Cat's old friend Hutch and his new friend.

I had some trouble following the plot but generally it's about a mining company boss, Mr Finch, who is blackmailing, killing and scaring the miners of their goldclaims. Cat and Hutch has a goldclaim and they try to kill Cat to get his claim.

I didn't find the circus theme too interesting and the Hill-Spencer possibilities are not fully exploited. The movie has it's moment and the mining boss's henchmen looks exactly as bad guys should look in a Spaghetti Western. Otherwise it feels that it focuses too much on uninteresting events.

Not a comedy even if we have a small fistfight in the style of the Trinity movies at the end, but that is first after the gunfight. The music is mostly circus music and doesn't achieve the Spaghetti feel at all.

Watchable because of Terence Hill, Bud Spencer and Finch henchmen, otherwise don't expect too much.




5 November 2006