The Bounty Killer

El Precio De Un Hombre

A.K.A. 'The Ugly Ones'


Luke Chilson - Richard Wyler


José Gómez - Tomas Milian


Directed by - Eugenio Martín



Chilson - ††††† †††††

Gómez - ††††

other - ††††† †


Reviewed version - Marketing-Film DVD

Luke Chilson, bounty killer, is hunting down some bandits. They lead him to a ranch where he is not very welcome. The woman on the ranch helps the bandit José Gómez escape. Chilson finds this out and expects Gómez to head for the ranch. Chilson arrives before him and wait their arrival. The people at the ranch sympathize with Gómez and think Chilson is the bad guy. When Gómez arrives the folks at the ranch helps him against Chilson. Gómez wants to keep them thinking that he is not a bad person and do not kill Chilson. When more of Gómez gang arrives and the ranchpeople finds out that Gómez is actually the bad guy they change sides to Chilson...

Tomas Milians first Spaghetti Western. I didn't like Richard Wilson too much. His face does not fit into a Spaghetti Western and makes the movie seem more like an American Western. Lots of familiar Spaghetti faces in small roles, Mario Brega, Frank Braña, José Canalejas just to name a few.

Somewhat interesting story but no big suprises here. A bit slow at some parts but keeps the interest up pretty well through the movie.

Fairly safe bet for Spaghetti Western fans, would have been great with one of the Spaghetti Western big stars in the lead.

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15 May 2005