Buddy Goes West

Occhio Alla Penna


Buddy - Bud Spencer


Cocoa - Amidou


Directed by - Michele Lupo





Reviewed version - English pan & scan

100% Bud Spencer, no Terence Hill to steal the show this time. Goes through all the usual things from eating to fighting, without killing.

After Buddy and his indian friend get their hand on a doctor bag and Buddy gets misstaken as a doctor. There's a town with a hidden goldmine under it, some badguys who want to get rid of the townsfolk to get the gold, a town in need of Buddy that is.

Should be mentioned also that music is of Ennio Morricone. Specially the Colorado Slim characters score is great.


Some dialogue:

"-How are you going to eat all this stuff?" Buddy: "-The secret behind eating is to approach it scientifically." Buddy: "-Don't ever mess with me when I'm eating!"

Music clip: Occhio Alla Penna.mp3