A Bullet For Sandoval

Los Desperados / Quei Disperati Che Puzzano Di Sudore E Di Morte



John Warner - George Hilton


Don Pedro Sandoval - Ernest Borgnine


Also Starring: Alberto De Mendoza, Loe Anchoriz, Annabella Incontrera, Antonio Pica, Jose Manuel Martin, Manuel De Blas, Manuel Miranda, Gustavo Rojo


Directed by - Julio Buchs



Reviewed version - VCI DVD

John Warner deserts from the Confederate army to get to see his dying girlfriend and newborn son. He is not welcomed by the girls family. Sandoval, the girls father, together with his sons blames Warner for everything and kicks him out. Mistreatened by almost everyone he meets to a point when he have had enough. Together with a band of bandits he begins to take revenge on everyone, specially Don Pedro Sandoval.

The movie almost feels like two different movies since the change in George Hiltons character is so huge. He start out as the good guy and end up like the bad guy and vice versa with Sandoval. Or maybe they are just all bad. Makes the viewer think twice before choosing sides. This also leaves the ending open for more possibilities. I didn't really care for any of the characters or what would happen to them, Lucky was my favourite.

Almeria locations, good production and directing, nice score by Gianni Ferrio. Full of misery, death and anti-heroes. Still I feel like something is missing and can only rate it above average. Maybe I have gotten too picky lately and demand more.


Kills: 31 John -
  other -


Sandoval's son: "-Warner would never have escaped that way, unless he was the son of a demon." Sandoval: "-Or atleast a friend."














6 April 2008