Califonia Addio



 Michael "California" Random - Giuliano Gemma


Rope Whitaker  - Raimund Harmstorf



Willy Preston - Miguel Bosé

Mr. Preston - William Berger



Directed by - Michele Lupo


Kills: 18 (+5?)

Random - †††

Whitaker - ††††† †† (†††††?)

other - ††††† †††


Reviewed version - Franco Cleef DVD-R

The Civil War is over and confederate soldiers are not treaten well. Willy Preston and California are two of these soldiers. Willy tries to make friends with California, who seems to have other things on his mind but slowly they make friends. Maybe even too close friends, as I begun to suspect that some Brokeback Mountain stuff is going to happen. At about 1/3 of the movie there is a plotchange and another at 2/3. Towards the end we get a more Spaghetti like Western compared to the soft, boring stuff in the first half. The beginning was however more interesting to follow than the rest of the movie.

Giuliano Gemma plays a more serious character in this movie and there is some changes and developments in the character as the movie goes on.

There's lots of mud, rain and a depressive feeling, specially in the beginning, apart from a couple of comedy scenes which aren't really funny (frogcatching). The bounty hunters after wanted Confederate soldiers are the bad guys and they make the action scenes, otherwise very little gunplay. There are some slow motions of the most note worthy deaths.

I didn't like the music too much but it does fit the movie. The locations vary some, filmed both in Almeria and somewhere that looks like a central european forest at fall.

One of the later Spaghetti Westerns not in traditional style but still enjoyable in it's own way.


Some dialogue:

Confederate soldier: "-Half a dollar a week? -Back home we gave our slaves more than that for pocket money."

Willy: "-Where are you going?" Random: "-I don't know and I don't care."

Whitaker: "-Bounty hunters will always exist." Nelson: "-So will murderers."

Music clip: Califonia Addio.mp3




22 March 2006