Cemetery Without Crosses

Cimitero Senza Croci


Manuel - Robert Hossein


Maria - Michθle Mercier


Mr. Rogers - Daniele Vargas


Directed by - Robert Hossein


Kills: 16

Manuel - ††††† ††

other - ††††† ††††


Reviewed version - SPO Japanese DVD

The cattlers (Caines) and the ranchers (Rogers) are fighting. The Rogers kills Ben Caine (Benito Stefanelli) but leaves his widow, Maria, alive. She want's revenge and seeks help from their old friend Manuel, who hangs out alone in the desert ghost town. Manuel manages to kidnap Mr. Rogers daughter and Maria blackmails the Rogers to give her husband a proper burial. The Rogers are obviously not happy with this and want to get even...

A bit slow paced from time to time but manages to keep the interest high anyway. This is a very unhappy movie with few good guys, even Manuel lets the Caines take out revenge on the innocent. The sadness only halts for a moment at the dinner table, which was quite funny. Not the joke itself but those looks are hilarious. The desert ghost ghost town is one of the cooles places I've seen in a Spaghetti Western. Nice music score by Andre Hossein. The ending fits the movie perfect. Very well made Spaghetti Western even if we don't get a high kill count.


Some dialogue:

Rogers son: "-Can you tell me who he (Manuel) is?" Barkeeper: "-No idea, but he's the kind you really would want to know."

Music clip: Rope And The Colt.mp3



28 Jan 2005