Although only appeared in Sabata and being a support cast for Sabata as a half partner, Banjo is a memorable character. William Berger is the red haired figure walking around playing the same tune on his banjo. With bells attached to his jacket and jeans he won't sneek up behind anyone, but makes his presence known.

His musical gifts with the banjo can be questioned since he only seem to know one, but a great, music score. Singing is not Banjo's thing, based on the short song heard in Sabata "They won't pay no". Playing an organ he can do just fine though.

Banjo's weapon of choice is a Winchester modified to fit into his banjo. The trigger is mounted to the extended finger lever. This was a gadget probably invented by the director Gianfranco Parolini (Frank Kramer). Banjo also uses the Winchester without the banjo and always aims for the heart.


Some quotes by Banjo:

"-Don't you like music with your supper?"

"-Im just passing through."

"-Women talk alot when they're making love."

"-Being around is useful."

"-It's sad to have to die so far away from home."

"-I'da kept the money."