Charles Bronson plays the revenge seeking character in 'Once Upon A Time In The West'. He has no name but is called Harmonica because he plays one. He's not too good at playing and produces only a haunting tune.

Harmonica also goes into the SW history as a hero who draws his gun before the bad guy in the final duel.



Harmonica's revolver is a Colt Peacemaker Single Action Army Model 1873 in .44-40 or .45 long Colt. Harmonica has the notch and bead (rear and front sights) removed on his relover. This was done when not targeting at long distances, only at targets close up. Harmonica however also hits his targets at longer distances and fires the gun like most SW heros from "below"

Harmonica uses no holster for his gun, only when he's in a duel. He can carry his revolver on his baggage or at his back stuffed into his jeans.



Quotes about Harmonica:

"-He not only plays, he can shoot too."

"-You know anything about a man going around playing a harmonica? -He's somebody you would remember. -Instead of talking he plays and when he better play he talks."