Silence is the main character in The Great Silence played by Jean-Louis Trintignant. Silence is mute because his throat was cut when he was a child. This was done by the killers of his father so he wouldn't be capable of telling who the killers was. This also resulted in Silence's hate towards bounty hunters, even if he is a bounty hunter himself. Silence takes bounties to kill bounty hunters. Silence's method of killing is self defence and he provokes his target to draw first. If he doesn't get a self defence kill he can also shoot thumbs of people so they can never use a gun again.

Silence's weapon is a Mauser C96 "Broomhandle", with a wooden holster that can be fitted to the grip to extend it and get shoulder support.

Some quotes about Silence:

"-I know who you are stranger, you're the one who helps those who fights for their rights."

"-Stranger shot him in self defence. -It's a pretty good way to kill someone. -The law can do nothing about it. -Charlie was pretty fast with the gun, but this one was faster than the Devil. -For all I know he is the Devil."

Once my husband told me about this man, he avenges our wrongs and the bounty hunters sure do tremble when he appears. They call him Silence, because where ever he goes, the silence of death follows.