The Rating System:

The total rating is given in big coffins.

I am obviously a fan of the genre and the ratings is given as a fan, a non fan of the genre would probably rate these movie in a different way. If you don't find an area that important to you just discharge it.

The amount of big coffins given is an average of the small coffins given in six areas important to Spaghetti Westerns.

The six areas are listed below with explanations.

5 Coffins


Classic material and should not be missed!

4 Coffins


Great but has minor flaws.

3 Coffins


Averange, worth watching but nothing special.

2 Coffins


Below averange. Think twice before concidering purcase.

1 Coffin


Crap, don't spend your money or time on it.

Rubber Chicken


Total crap not worth anything.



Amount of shoting, style of gunplay and editing of gunplay.



The style of the movie. Was the director capable of making a stylish Spaghetti Western?


The plot and how well it work for the movie.


Actors used and their perfomance.



Good, Bad, works in a Spaghetti Western?



Almeria, alps, studio, some are geat, others not.