Comin' At Ya!



Hart - Tony Anthony


Pike - Gene Quintano


Polk - Ricardo Palacios


Directed by - Ferdinando Baldi


Kills: 16

Hart - ††††† ††††† †††††

Polk - †


Reviewed version - Rhino Home Video DVD

You need 3-D glasses to see the screenshots in three dimension. (Transparent red colour on right eye, blue on left eye.)

Harts wife is kidnapped during their wedding and Hart is left wounded. After quickly healed from his wounds he heads out to get back his girl. She was taken by the Thompson brothers Pike and Polk to be auctioned to whorehouses, together with other girls they've taken.

Similiar plot to that of Blindman in more ways than the girls. A remake even. You get some Déjá-Vu:s whichever film you see first. I wish they would have attached a non 3-D version also on the DVD. 3-D effects may vary among individuals. Some times I didn't get any effect at all and when the spears start to come at ya it even made me try to evade them. Lot's of things are made only to show off the 3-D effect. Stuff is poured, thrown and stretched towards the camera, (rubber) bats, spears, arrows, etc. not to mention a baby's butt. My eyes felt strange after watching the movie. Seeing red with my left eye and blue with my right. I watched the movie in small portions not to strain my eyes too much.

Gunplay is minimal until the end where we get some stylish slow motion deaths and beatings. Hart seems to have a very modern pump action shotgun for 1876. Story nothing new. Actors good, specially Ricardo Palacios make a great repulsive bad guy. Not much is spoken and the first line comes at 13 minutes. Music by Carlo Savina is mainly just background ambience vocals part from couple of places where it is used louder. Similar locations to Tony Anthonys other westerns. The towns are deserted and run down and makes a grim feeling. That's how the Spanish SW towns looked like in 1981 I suppose.

To most viewers just a showcase of 3-D effects. To Tony Anthony and Spaghetti Western fans it has some more interest value.


Some dialogue:

Old man: "-I saw God fearing people, stripped of their young women and stoke down by minions of the Devil! -Evil men!"

Hart: "-We ain't gonna fight 'em, we're gonna kill 'em."

Music clip: Comin' At Ya!.mp3




Enhanced re-invention:

29 January 2006