Yodlaf Peterson - Franco Nero


El Vasco - Tomas Milian


John - Jack Palance


Directed by - Sergio Corbucci


Kills: ~ 92

"Swede" ~ ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† ††††† †††††

El Vasco ~ ††††† ††††† ††††† ††

other - †††††


Reviewed version - Anchor Bay DVD

The Mexican Revolution. A swedish mercenary, Yodlaf Peterson, comes to Mexico to sell guns to General Mongo. Mongo is not really interested in the revolution, he only want to make money. There is also another rebel group, a "non violence", with the lead of professor Xantos, they not only fight the Mexican army but also general Mongo. There is a safe in the town and Xantos has the combination, so the Swede and Vasco, who are one of Mongos men, sets out to capture Xantos. Jack Palace is an ex-partner of the Swede who now has unfinished business with him and is hungy for revenge.

You could almost say this is a remake of Corbucci's earlier The Mercenary, they are so similiar. This one has Milian instead of Tony Musante which might make many people to rate this higher than 'The Mercenary'. I still like 'The Mercenary' better.

We get some machinegun action, lots of kills, catchy music, etc... Making this one of the better Spaghetti Westerns.


Some dialogue:

Swede to bandit: "-I beg your pardon, your mother is a whore, your father a thief and you are a...." (Swede beats him up) "...not to mention your sister."

Vasco: "-One more word in the lousy, damn language and I kill both of you." (When Swede and Xantos are talking in swedish)

Music clip: Compaρeros (titoli).mp3




Updated 18 December 2005