Taste of Vengeance

a.k.a. Covards Don't Pray

I Vigliacchi Non Pregano



Brian - Gianni Garko


Daniel - Ivan Rassimov


Also Starring: Elisa Montes, Roberto Miali, Luis Induni, Frank Braρa, Lorenzo Robledo, Luciano Pigozzi, Julio Peρa, Ivan Scratuglia


Directed by - Mario Siciliano (as Marlon Sinko)


Kills: 16

Brian - ††††† ††††† ††††

Daniel - †

other - †


Reviewed version - Dutch VHS

The American civil war has just ended. Brian returns home but dark clouds rise soon when a group of northern soldiers, representing the law, burns his ranch and kills his wife. Brian survives with the help of Daniel and swears revenge. You could imagine the rest but thats not how it goes. Brian evolves to the bad guy in the story since he becomes a ruthless killer. Daniel tries to talk sense into him without success. The two men becomes more and more against each other and it can only end in one of them dead.

Pretty solid Spaghetti Western with a bunch of familiar Spaghetti faces. Looks like it could be a winner but something is missing. Maybe a bit slow paced and not enough action and coolness. Sadly it falls down to the mediocre bunch. I like Garko but after seeing him in roles of Sartana, Holy Ghost etc., a role like this feels like a waste of Garko.


Some dialogue:

Daniel: "-Brian, I pity you, I consider honesty an important thing."

Brian: -"A man doesn't exist who can dare tell me what to do or give me orders."




17 November 2006