Cut-Throats Nine

Condenados A Vivir


Claudio Undari (Robert Hundar)


Emma Cohen


Directed by - Joaquin Romero Marchent


Kills/Deaths: 16


Reviewed version - Eurovista DVD, 93min, Widescreen 1.85:1

Basicly its about survival. A gang of criminals are being escorted to a fort while they get stopped by some bandits who are certain that they are transporting gold. They doesn't find any and the criminals end up in the woods with a sergeant (Hundari) and his daughter (Cohen). The criminals are chained together, later they find out that the chain is made of gold.

This is a hero-less movie. Not even anti-heroes here. Hundari dies half way through so not much of a hero there. One of the criminals is trying to defend the daughter, from being raped and other stuff. He doesn't succeed, not much of a hero there either. Not to mention rest of the criminals.

This isn't an average Spaghetti Western. Not much shooting but even more cutting, stabbing, burning and meat hooking! Blood, guts and gore. A bit of boring from time to time but the hate that is constant through the movie makes it interesting enough to watch.


Some dialogue:

Criminal: "-Hey, when are you going to stop this damn wagon, I need to go bad!" Soldier: "-Do it in your pants!" Criminal: "-Aaaahhh, uhhhh... orders completed, soldier."