Day of Anger

I Giorni Dell'Ira


Frank Talby - Lee van Cleef


Scott Mary - Giuliano Gemma


Directed by - Tonino Valerii


Kills: 26

Talby -

Scott -

other -


Scott lives in Clifton, he cleans and takes out the garbage. He is oppressed and hated by the more important people in Clifton. He dreams about becoming a gunman and saves money for a pistol. When Talby enters the town Scott sees his opportunity and hires himself as Talbys apprentice. They take over the town when Talby gets information to blackmail the citizens. When Talby kills an old friend of Scott, Scott have had enough and oppose Talby.

One of the top Spaghetti Westerns. Makes it to top 5 on my list. Spaghetti legends Al Mulock and Benito Stefanelli makes small appearences and are at their best. Lots of recognizable locations. Also interesting to see how Lee Van Cleef changes from the hero to the bad guy. Music by Riz Ortolani is good enough but no one can top Ennio Morricone. Fun thing also that Scotts mule is called Sartana.


The lessons by Talby:

1.  Never beg another man.

2.  Never trust anyone.

3.  Never get between a gun and its target.

4.  Punches are like bullets, if you don't make the first one you might just be finished.

5.  When you wound a man you better kill him. Cause sooner or later he is gonna kill you.

6.  Right bullet at the right time, well aimed.

7.  When you untie a man take his gun before that.

8.  Don't give a man any more bullets than what he got use for. (By Scott)

9.  There are times when you have to accept a challenge or loose everything there is in life anyway.

10. When you start killing you can't stop it.

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