Death Played The Flute

a.k.a. Requiem For A Bounty Hunter

Lo Ammazzo Come Un Cane... Ma Lui Rideva Ancora



Kimble 'Whistler' - Steven Tedd


Nick Burton - Michael Forrest


Also Starring: Laurence Bien, Thomas Rudy, Remo Capitani, Michele Branca, Anna Bacchi, Giovanni Petti, Itala Guitto, Antonio Molino Rojo


Directed by - Angelo Pannacciς (as Mark Welles)


Kills: 17

'Whistler' - ††††† †††

other - ††††† ††††


Reviewed version - Greek VHS (76mins)

Nick Burton's family is raped and killed in a horse rustle. His daughter Susy survives but is traumaticed. Nick wants revenge and head out to find the men responsible. He runs into Kimble and hires him to help. Little does Burton know that Kimble was among the men hitting his ranch. Kimble has just left the gang because he only agreed to steal the horses, not killing innocent women. The gang wants to get rid of Kimble while Burton's suspicion rise towards him.

The plot reminds some of 'Death Rides a Horse' and Kimbles flute is much like the harmonica in 'Once Upon a Time in The West', that's however where the similiarities stop. The movie has a really strange feeling and feels different even with the familiar plot. Steven Tedd's 'Whistler' is hardly a likeable character, not even in the anti-hero world of the Spaghetti Westerns. This calmly talking stranger got these strange laughs that seem to be added with the dubbing, you don't see him smile alot but you hear him giggle. The locations also seem strange. It got some long grass and bushes not often seen in Spaghettis. Looks like some strange combination of Almeria, Africa and China.

Featuring a catchy theme song by Daniele Patucchi.

The Greek VHS reviewed is cut by some 10 minutes. Some scenes without importance is intact, while there are some strange fast cuts elsewhere. Not sure if this was the editing or the cutting.

It's hard to recommend it to everyone. It should be a must for die hard SW fans though. Can only hope someone releases a DVD to get it out to the masses. It also got one of longest death scenes in the Spaghettis.


Some dialogue:

'Whistler': "-Remember I can be dangerous too if I set my mind on it."

Music clip: Main Theme.mp3 (Instrumental)




A man is made of love and pain.
Like leafs are made of sunlight and rain.
Don't ever come to tears or look back trough the years gone by.
A man is made of love and fear.
Fear of finding nobody near.
When daylight turns to dark the sunshine in the heart may die.


10 July 2007