Those Dirty Dogs


Campa Carogna... La Taglia Cresce


Captain Chadwell - Stephen Boyd


Koran - Gianni Garko


Directed by - Giuseppe Rosati


Kills: ?


Reviewed version - SPO DVD (Japanese)

Under orders of general Lopez, Angelo robs and kills Union convoys for weapons. Washington sends three men to help with the bandits. They get mixed up with Koran, a bounty hunter after the reward of Angelo. When the army doctors daughter is kidnapped they get the job of getting her back. Koran is in for the money, which also begin to interest the three soldiers.

I am a big Gianni Garko fan and he is the attraction of the movie. He alone lifts the rating of the movie. Koran is a Muslim and reads their holy book, the Koran. He also got a cool big rifle that shoots explosive bullets. Stephen Boyd is still in the lead role I'd say even if they get about the same screen time. Boyd is decent but he's no match for Garko.

General Lopez is more of a comedy bad guy, leaving Angelo to be the true bad guy.

Music by Nico Fidenco is ok, the main theme is sung by Stephen Boyd.

I was unable to count the kills when we have these big gunfights and explotions going on.


Some dialogue:

Koran: "-Bounty is my business. 1000 bucks, soldiers, is what they pay me. Cash on the barrelhead when I deliver the goods."

Koran (reading from Koran, the holy book): "-The hunter who wants reward seeks no partners."

Music clips: Main Theme.mp3

Korans Theme.mp3



10 March 2005