The Dirty Outlaws

El Desperado



Steve - Andrea Giordana (as Chip Corman)


Asher - Franco Giornelli


Also Starring: Rosemarie Dexter, Dana Ghia, Aldo Berti, Piero Lulli, Giovanni Petrucci, Pino Polidori, Andrea Scotti, Dino Strano, John Bartha


Directed by - Franco Rossetti


Kills: 16

Steve -

other -


Reviewed version - Wild East DVD

Steve, The Desperado, a thief careerist barely avoids the noose and takes the identity of a dying soldier, in hope to get his hands on the soldiers blind fathers money stash. Arriving at the deserted town, Steve's plans seems to go well until Asher and his gang arrives with another agenda. A Confederate gold shipment is coming through town, changing Steve's plans.

Franco Rossetti, who worked as a writer on a handfull of Spaghettis, only direction credit. We get mud, an anti hero, gold, revenge, all should seem well. However it falls in my opinion down to the mediocre Spaghettis, above average anyway. Easy to watch but I would have liked some more gunplay, most of the gundowns are made in the intro.

The actors manages to do a well enough perfomance even if no one stands out. Gianni Ferrio's music does what it should, nothing special here either. The story twists and turns and Steve is a totally different man in the end of the movie than what he was in the beginning. Character development I suppose.


Some dialogue:

Jonathan: "-What have you been doing these last two years? -Where have you been? Steve: "-Here and there." Jonathan: "-What kind of buiness? Steve: "-I lived." Jonathan: "-Where are you going now? Steve: "-Away from here." Jonathan: "-Always alone, eh? Steve: "-I was born that way."




7 July 2007