Django - Franco Nero


Major Jackson - Eduardo Fajardo


General Hugo - Josť Bodalo


Directed by - Sergio Corbucci


Kills: ~152-163

Django ~ 68-74

other ~ 84-89


Reviewed version - Blue Underground DVD (screenshots is from a VHS and does not match the quality of the DVD)

Django comes to town dragging a coffin. He wipes out almost all of Major Jacksons men, which are racists and don't look good on Django because he has a northern army uniform on him. Django is going to sell some machineguns to general Hugo and his Mexican gang. Together they rob the Mexican army to get some gold. Hugo refuse to give Django his share, so Django steals the gold from Hugo. He gets caught, but they don't kill him since Hugo owns Django his life. Major Jackson with help from the Mexican army ambushes Hugo and his men and killes them. Jackson wants to kill Django too, and there is the final showdown in the graveyard.

Featuring some of the greatest moments in a Spaghetti Western. The atmosphere of the movie is superb. Django is a classic. A bit slim on the story and boring in the middle of the movie but nevertheless one of the top Spaghetti Westerns. Wonder also why the racist Major Jackson is hanging out with the Mexican army, when he clearly hates Mexicans.

This should be watched with Italian audio since it is far superior to the poorly dubbed English version. The dialogue in the Italian version is much better also.

Music clip: Django.mp3 (Italian version)





Updated 13 March 2005