Django Strikes Again

Django 2: Il Grande Ritorno


Django - Franco Nero


"The Devil" - Christopher Connelly


Directed by - Nello Rossati as Ted Archer


Kills: 85

Django - (73)

other -


Reviewed version - English slightly widescreen

The only offical sequel to Django, with Franco Nero returning in the role of Django, almost 20 years after the original movie. Not a 100% spaghetti western but it gets close enough.

Django has become a monk and lives in a monastery. He gets visited by a woman who is sick and is going to die. Django has a daughter with that woman and she ask him to take care of the daughter after her death. When Django goes look for the girl he finds that the town has been robbed and his daughter is kidnapped. She has been taken by "the Devil" on his ship. Django tries to get her back by talking but he only gets beaten up, and taken to work in a mine, from where he then flees. Django must once again take a gun in his hand. The scene in which Django digs up his machingun from the grave should be a must see to all Django fans. He immediately get to use it on some bandits and heads then after "The Devil".


Some dialogue:

Django: "-Django is dead, now im brother Ignatius."

Django to his gun: "-You could use a little oil, we got work to do."