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The Stranger - Tomas Milian


Directed by - Guilio Questi


Kills: ~43

The Stranger - (+ ~12)

other ~


Reviewed version - Blue Underground DVD

The Stranger gets double-crossed by his bandit buddies after they have stolen some gold. He survives and swears revenge. The bandits enters a town (The Unhappy Place), where the residents finds out about the gold and kills the bandits. The gold dissappears and everyone want to to get their hands on it. Mr. Sorrow with his gang of gay cowboys also find out about the gold and gets involved.

This movie has some kind of cult reputation with the gay cowboys, the surreal town and the gore. Before seeing the movie and reading some reviews I felt kind of dissapointed when I finally watched it. Gay cowboys, sure they rape a boy (off screen) and dress up in these black "gayish" costumes but thats about it. They don't act very gay otherwise. The town then again, when the bandits enter it, there are naked children in the street and a man with his feets on a child but after the surreal introduction, the town is nothing but a normal town, with residents who doesn't like strangers. The gore then again is quite graphic. There's a scaping and digging out some bullets from the bandit leader, plus some blood, bruises and hangings.

Tomas Milian doesn't play the usual Spaghetti Western anti-hero. He almost doesn't do any killing. Shoots only two men, of which the other dies on the "operation table", not by The Stranger. The other dozen listed as Strangers kills are a bunch of Mr. Sorrows men, who he kills by tying some dynamite to a horse, assisted by an indian.

For Tomas Milian fans a must but I wouldn't rate it very high on my list.

Django has nothing to do with this movie by the way.