Django Last Killer

L'Ultimo Killer



Ramon - George Eastman


Django - Anthony Ghidra


Also Starring: Daniele Vargas, Dana Ghia, Mitko Ellis, Gianni Medici, Giuseppe Addobbati


Directed by - Giuseppe Vari


Kills: 11

Ramon -

Django -

other -


Reviewed version - Wild East DVD

Ramon is misstreated by Barrett and his men, who are after his land. When Ramon's house is burned down he's had enough. Fate brings him together with Django, a hired killer, who teaches him the way of the gun so Ramon can take his revenge.

Sure there is more to the plot but I'm not going to spoil it. First half of the movie is really nothing special, slow paced and feels dragged out. It gets better when we get to the training sequence and even better towards the end when the plot starts to twist. With a low kill count don't expect too much gunfighting.

Music by Roberto Pregadio is ok, the same songs are used over and over and I did get a bit tired of it. The beginning feels like an opera with overly dramatic music, when nothing is really spoken. Eastman and Ghidra are ok in their roles. That's the problem with this movie, it's just ok.


Some dialogue:

Django: "-The man who has the strongest will to live, is always the one who wins the battle."

Django: "-When you kill your first man, a wall will go up infront if you. -A wall between you and the rest of the world."





24 December 2007