Duck You Sucker / Fistful of Dynamite

Gił La Testa


Juan - Rod Steiger


John - James Coburn


Directed by - Sergio Leone


Kills: Too many to count.


Reviewed version - English Widescreen

A "Zapata Spaghetti", not one of the most know Leone movies but it doesn't mean its not a good movie. It's great.

Juan is a bandit, John is an irishman on the run from the Irish revolution. When their paths cross Juan sees the opportunity for John to get him into the bank of Mesa Verde, since John is an explosives expert. With a little persuation they group up and soon findes themself in the middle of the mexican revolution. At first Juan is only interested in money but later he finds that the revolution is good for him. With a mixture of revenge he starts fighting for the revolution and becomes an unwilling hero of the revolution.


Some dialogs:

"-You will pay for this you bastard, im an citizen of the United States of America!" "-To me you are just an american son of a bitch."

Juan: "-Listen, it takes one bandito to know another." John: "-So you can read?" Juan: "-Well you don't have to read, you know, I see a mans picture, underneath it I see a price so I know that man is in trouble."

Music clip: Marcia Degli Accattoni.mp3