El Puro

La Taglia Tua... L'Uomo L'Ammazzo Io



El Puro - Robert Woods


Gypsy - Marc Fiorini


Also Starring: Aldo Berti, Angelo Dessy, Maurizio Bonuglia, Gustavo Re, Rosalba Neri, Fabrizio Gianni, Giusva Fioravanti

Directed by - Edoardo Mulargia


Reviewed version - 94 mins. (25fps)

Five bandits, lead by 'Gypsy' are trying to find 'El Puro' to collect the $10.000 on his head. El Puro is out of shape from his glory days, a pathetic drunk. He is however trying to get back in shape to be able to fight his adversaries.

There is very little gunplay, but the overall sweaty spaghetti feeling is present. Copies a little here and there from the Leone movies. Like the shopping scene bears some resemblance to Tuco's gunshop scene in 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly' and the bandits hang out in an abandoned church like in 'For A Few Dollars More'. Music by Alessandro Allesandroni is very Good, Bad, Ugly inspired, didn't bother me, quite the opposite.

The characters makes mixed feelings. I didn't care for Robert Wood's El Puro character, never been a fan of Woods. Gypsy is crazy at times, he got his scream outburst and at one time kisses one of his gang member telling him he is beautiful. One reason why the movie bears a cult status in some circles. Other than that he does not stand out at all. The 'Specs' character presumably played by Angelo Dessy, was my favourite by far. Mario Brega's child molesting Tim and Aldo Berti's Cassidy characters remains uninteresting. Dolph not even worth mentioning. The potentials of the characters are not used to the full, or then it is just a case of bad editing. There are actually only a couple of handfulls of actors, no extras at all, the town is empty.

There's a number of plotholes and questions that arise the sharp eyed viewer. Like how come the sheriff doesn't know what El Puro looks like? Surely there's no image of him on the wanted poster but if he is as famous as he is supposed to be, how come? How is the reward supposed to be collected in this case? What's the idea with the beginning of the movie, why do they have to pose? Am I missing something or is it just a case of bad editing again?

The final duel is really strange. It starts off like they usually do. I don't want to spoil it but there are some really stange and stupid things happening. The final 30 seconds of the movie still takes the price for me, might have been cut out from some versions though. There are some strange cuts all through. Since the story is somewhat simple and the movie feels dragged out. I can imagine it was easy to make cuts to shorten the movie if necessary. There still remains a strange attraction to the movie, it shouldn't be as good as it is. Manages to keep the interest up through the movie, atleast i didn't fall asleep. The movie is fairly rare, no official DVD releases in english, give it a go if you can find it.




Kills: 8 El Puro - †††
  Gypsy -
  other - ††††


El Puro: "-Oh God, I hate violence. -I don't exactly love life, but I'm afraid to die. -So I just got to keep killing to stay alive."

El Puro: "-A man can't carry his tombstone around on his back forever. -It's just too heavy."













24 January 2012