Face To Face

Faccia a Faccia


Solomon "Beauregard" Bennett - Tomas Milian


Brad Fletcher - Gian Maria Volonte


Charlie Siringo - William Berger


Directed by - Sergio Sollima


Kills: 30

Beauregard -

Fletcher -

Siringo -

other -


Reviewed version - SPO Japanese DVD

Professor Brad Fletcher is ill and has to move to a warmer climate. He meets the bandit Beauregard and discovers a hidden bandit in himself. When Fletcher becomes stronger and stronger, can his relationship to Beauregard remain? On their tail is a privat detective, Siringo.

Sergio Sollimas second western doesn't fail. There's more depth in the story than in most of the Spaghetti Westerns.

Music by Ennio Morricone, not at his usual but the Morricone tone is there.

One of the classics.


Some dialogue:

Woman: "-We're pretty friendly people here in Purgatory City. We prefer someone who smiles at us, especially if he's carrying a gun. But when a fellah who looks like the spit and image of Beauregard Bennet rides to town, carrying a gun and not smiling, then we begin to worry."

Fletcher: "-What surprising is that a man like me could remain all those years watching life as a spectator. Before he discovered the force that was in him."